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Port Security

Port Security - Studies and Consulting

In the new regulations of the IMO to avoiding terrorist attacks against ships, shippers and port facilities (ISPS/SOLAS) a lot of requirements are defined. According to this regulations, security assessments and the following elaboration of security plans are required.
HPTI is specifically working in port related issues and concentrate their activities regarding security requirements to the port range.
What is the meaning of risk assessment according to the ISPS code? Are port facilities and companies safe? What is to do and who elaborate the appropriate certificates?

Outline of Contents
As an accredited institute in bound of an joint-venture with the Germanischer Lloyd (RSO), HPTI holds the competence and concession to undertake this kind of assessments or support companies with the appropriate consulting concern such assessments and the elaboration of port facility security plans.
Identification of potential threats or areas at risk –
evaluation of demand according to IMO/ISPS
Undertaking and Documentation of an PFSA
Supporting in elaboration an PFSP
Analyses of organisation and management according
to the ISPS code

Close support before and while a project is running with our customers. Evaluation of demand and possible solutions.
Evaluation of all necessary data, indicators and information, detailed reports and analyses.
Depends on the project status and demand positioning of experts at location.

Target group
Carrier of port facilities and companies which are subordinated to the regulations of the ISPS codes of the IMO respectively where the appropriate demand is established.

Port Security - Audits and Verification

In the new rules of the IMO to avoid terrorist attacks on ships, shipping companies and port facilities according to ISPS/SOLAS a lot of requirements are defined. In relation to this codes (ISPS) security-assessments (risk and danger analysis) and as the result, security-plans are required.
If this plans are drawn and the appropriate measures are implemented, the plans must periodically improved and inspected. According to the situation it can be necessary to accomplish and involve changes of measures and planes. This impact the current PFSP as well as documentation an certifying.

Outline of Contents
As an accredit institute in bound of a Joint Ventures with the Germanischer Lloyd (RSO) HPTI has the Competence and the license for auditing plans and facilities or support and consult you on carrying out audits as well as implement changes in the Port Facility Security Plan.
consulting and preparation for carrying out audits
and assessments
Carrying out and documentation of changes of the PFSP
Evaluations and analysis

Close co-operation with the customer in project preparation and due to the project execution.
Evaluation of demand and possible solutions and carrying out the appropriate measures. Surveying all necessary data, indicators and information’s; detailed reports and analysis as well as documentation.
Depends on demand dedication of experts on location.

Target group
Operators of port facilities and port companies which are covered by the ISPS-code of the IMO respectively for those which are in such situation and with the need to implementing this rules.